Douala Fiesta : First Edition Promises Fireworks

Artists in the Littoral region have promised to give the population the best during this festive period.

Douala Fiesta, a musical jamboree that will run from the 22 of December 2020 to the 2 of January 2021 in the Douala municipality is promising to generate fireworks and to illuminate the city of Douala. Event organizers during a press conference on Wednesday December 16, 2020 said the event will take place in all the six subdivisions in the Douala municipality.   The Douala fiesta has as main objective to bring together citizens and take the opportunity to sensitize them on developmental projects of the city by the organization of a large festive event in all six municipalities. The fiesta is going to be educative and informative with different arts works like body painting, photography, traditional and urban dances, karaoke, musical concerts, tourism, games and rides for adults and children, elections of Miss Douala fiesta and a lot more.

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For twelve days, Douala Fiesta has programmed rich activities with artists from all the 10 regions of Cameroon. According to the Mayor of the Douala City Council who is the main sponsor, Roger Mbassa Ndine, Douala is preparing to experience a different end-of-year which will be livelier and more festive. He said the year was a difficult one and the Douala fiesta will give the population an opportunity to relax and together they will brainstorm on the way forward. “Our hope is to improve on the living standards of the population and such festivities will give the population hope in the new city”.

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Meanwhile, the president of the organising committee of the Douala Fiesta  Nkotti François   explained that the Douala Fiesta will go on simultaneously in all the six subdivisions in the Douala municipality: the population of Douala  I and II  will have their event at the “ Stade Soppo” in Bonsapriso, while the population of Douala III will have theirs in  Mbanga Japoma (Total Nkolbong), Douala IV will have theirs at ”Place Din Same” in Bonassama and Douala  VI will t take place in Esplanade of the Manoka council.

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