Promoting Good living : Douala Chosen for Healthy City Project

The WHO project will go a long way to improve on the lives of Douala city Dwellers.

Douala has been selected to benefit from the World Health Organization (WHO) Urban Management and Healthy City Project. The project, that will go a long way to ameliorate the living standard of the population of Doula, is coming at a time when there is a sharp increase in the population of Douala without any major improvement in facilities like electricity, roads and water. With this deficit, life of most Douala inhabitants is at stake as many lack portable drinking water, and other basic commodities.

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While presenting the project, in Douala on Thursday December 17, WHO consultant, Dr Yamba Beyas Martin, said according to the 2016 UN report, by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in the city. He added that the rate of rural exodus is high and it is high time world government start looking into ways and means to make their cities habitable for the growing population.

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He said rapid urbanization is a risk especially when there are no facilities to accommodate the growing population. While adding that 2/3 of Douala’s population is in the city and the city lack enough facility to accommodate the growing population thus need for the project to make life better for city dwellers.

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On his part, the 1st deputy mayor of the Douala city council, Dr. Geremie Solle, said the Urban Management and Health Project to be implemented in Douala is a good initiative. He added that it is time for them to work together and come out with a plan of action for the implementation of the project. He added that Douala is exposed to many risk like cholera, which is endemic. Meanwhile the chief of Division for Economy, Social and Cultural Affairs at the Littoral governor’s office, thanked WHO for selecting Douala to benefit from such a project. Samuel Celestin Nyendie called on the different stakeholders to put hands on deck and give in the necessary support for the success of the project.

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