SW Regional House of Assembly: Institution, Officials Raising High Hopes

It was an end-of-year gift for development-oriented minds who are nursing expectations for a better future with the innovation.

Both Houses of chiefs and divisional representatives, whose executive bureaus were voted last 22 December, 2020, at the Buea Council hall, are now under unqualified expectancy. As has already been expressed by both men at the helm of the Regional representation, (Chief Atem Ebako for the House of Chiefs) and (Bakoma Elango Zacheus for Regional House of Representatives), “the people must be at the centre of all action.”  
On account of the general interest involved, the people’s representatives are now being given a blank cheque of applause, respect and honour for what is expected of them. Bakoma Elango Zacheus is pledging his experience in administration to facilitate development for the South West Region with roads and technical education as priorities. Chief Atem Ebako, will mobilise the custodians of culture to bring down social tempers, encourage dialogue and valorise culture. Atem Ebako had been very vocal for the development of the South West Region, which to him harbours mammoth human and material resources.
From 9 December, 2020, when the results of the 90 representatives of the South West were made public following 6 December polls, by the Regional Supervisory Commission, expectations have been high as to what a Regional House in this generation can be up to. Even some members of parties that boycotted to compete for the Regional House have outspokenly regretted in public places for missing the opportunity to be pioneers. “It makes history to begin a new experience”, one man said at Clerks Quarters in front of a Newspaper Stand. 
After the proclamation of results, candidates organised parties in their homes. Visiting delegations from far away Divisions like Lebialem, Ndian, Kupe Muanengu...



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