Marketing Day Celebrated In Douala

The day dubbed “Marketing D-Day 2020” comprised a diner party and conference in the economic capital last December 29, 2020.

The second edition of the Marketing Day christened, “Marketing D-Day 2020”, took place on Tuesday December 29 at the GICAM conference hall in Douala. The event organised by the Cameroon Marketing and Communication Professionals association, brought together publicity firms and commercial agents from all over the country. According to the president of CMCP, Jean Paul Tchomdou, the event is to enable marketing and communication professionals to take stock of the year past, make projections for the year to come as well as serve as a moment of conviviality among the professionals so as to free the stress of the job. “2020, he said, was marked by the outbreak of the coronavirus which caused a drop of almost 90 per cent in profits for some publicity firms causing some to run out of business. Hence, there was the need to give some advice to members of the association on ways and means of reinventing themselves to caution the adverse effects of the pandemic and cope with the new dispensation of living with the virus.

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The ceremony comprised a series of five presentations on the ways and means of surviving the pandemic in various sectors, banking, consulting agencies, publicity as well as on how women managers can cope with their jobs and role as mothers and wives. However, the climax of the evening was honour to some 26 pioneers of publicity agencies for their contribution to the growth of the profession, their resilience as well as the advisory role they continue to play for young professionals. All 26 laureates received certificates of resilience and trophies as reward for their contribution. There was a special homage to an influential member, Patricia Berthelot, who passed away course of the year.

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The Cameroon Marketing and Communication Professionals association was created since December 2019 to serve as a platform for exchanges among all actors of the different fields of marketing such as communication, sales, commerce, distribution and to enable networking, solidarity, promotion of professional ethics. Membership is open to professionals and students alike. In order to encourage networking among members, there was a special prize for the person who obtained the highest number of signatures on his or her invitation card.

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