Bamenda Mobilized for breakthrough in 2021

City celebrates merits of 2020 and features action plan to break new grounds for the socio-economic enhancement of the metropolis.

A cross over event into 2021 in Bamenda has revealed the commitment of the City's Managers to give inhabitants an enhanced chapter in socio-economic development. The City Mayor, Paul Achombang told a crowd-puller prayer session about the merits of hard work as he mobilized the population to work towards a  breakthrough for the metropolis in 2021. 
He wished that 2021 becomes a year of plenty during which agents of evil and demons will be buried in favour of projects that inspire hope and prosperity for inhabitants. Fruits of the City's model tomato farm were showcased plus an agenda that involves local communities, Economic Operators and  international cooperation as frontline partners to make the City great again. 
 North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique who featured as a guest at the event, presented the heights and depths of the region in 2020 and mobilized the population to embrace the pioneer, Regional Assembly and House of Chiefs that has taken root to give the region a chance in good governance, local development,  peace and prosperity. The governor regretted the ongoing socio-political crisis and the killer, Covid-19 pandemic for keeping the region backwards in recent years . It was a rare moment to evaluate the state of the region and the governor was impressed with the increasing collaboration of the population with the Defense and Security forces for the protection of people and property....



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