CHAN Opening Ceremony : Rehearsals Underway

Laying priority on Cameroon’s cultural diversity, the sessions, which began on January 7, 2021, will run until January 14 at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium and its annexes’.

The opening ceremony of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) to be hosted by Cameroon from January 16 to February 7, 2021, needs to be grandiose. It is against this backdrop that official training sessions in the domains of dance, music and scenic display opened on January 7, 2021 at the annex B field of the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium
The first day of this exercise was thorny given the different exigencies put in place by the organisers to see that the ceremony leaves behind traces. First, it was the compulsory entrance checks. Those who did not show proof of being part of the event were not given access. When access was finally given to authorised individuals, they had to go through a Covid-19 check with temperatures taken, hands sanitised and facemasks given. After that checkpoint, one could find mounted tents, which harbours the different sectors of the rehearsal process. That of the production team was at the forefront. A tent where the performers could keep their belongings and that of costumes and props were equally on point. 
At the stadium, a chorography ...



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