Echauffement : Scramble For Accreditations On High Gear

A multitude of individuals have been storming a centre created for this purpose at the Yaounde Town Hall since Tuesday January 12, 2021 to get badges which give them access to the stadia.

As early as 10 a.m. yesterday January 14, 2021, the Accreditation Centre of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) located at the Yaounde Town Hall was already flooded with individuals eager to get access badges to the stadia. This exercise began on Tuesday January 12, 2021 and is expected to run to the end of the competition. However, it is only open to those who have gotten approval from the CHAN organising committee or the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Some of them include volunteers, stadium security officials, media, and sponsors amongst others who all fall under specific commissions.

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Some of these individuals had already started visiting the Accreditation Centre when it opened and their numbers kept on multiplying every passing day. On Thursday when we visited the centre, the scramble was real with some standing inside the hall while many others still waited outside to have access to the centre. Though they were many, security officials ensured that the Covid-19 barrier measures were respected especially the wearing of facemasks. They had to go through a four-stage process including the reception, typing, production and distribution.

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An aspirant who declared anonymity stated that he had spent about 10 minutes before knowing where to start when he got to the Accreditation Centre. It was after then that he succeeded to get to the reception. He presented the name of his commission. A list was pulled out and his name verified. He was later on handed a piece of paper containing the name of his commission and a number corresponding to that of his name on the list. After that, he had to move to the next stage which is that of typing. He disclosed that he waited there for close to an hour before his turn arrived. He was then accompanied to a nearby room containing machines. His name was again verified and his credentials typed. The boy then moved to the production phase where his picture was taken and his badge printed. The next phase is that of distribution. The badge is taken to the main hall and is handed only after the individual acknowledges receipt by signing. Every individual goes through this process before he or she can finally have a badge. The badge contains elements like the name of the individual, picture and precisely the portion of the stadium to be occupied by the individual. 

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