CHAN 2020 : Euphoria At Yaounde Fan Zone

Fans as well assembled at the Lions Village situated in the Charles Atangana monument to witness the hope-raising performance of the intermediate lions.

Football loving Cameroonians once more demonstrated love for country by taking out time to watch the opening game of the African Nations champions, pitting Cameroon and Zimbabwe on Saturday, January 16, 2021. With the match expected at 5 p.m, the streets were already emptying at about 4 p.m. Some Cameroonians took to the Yaounde fan zone or better still at the Lions Village located at the Charles Atangana monument.

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All facilities of the Yaounde Fan Zone, especially the giant screens, were already in place to make Cameroonians live the most awaited encounter. Security checks were on point and everyone was obliged to put on facemask. At 5 p.m, many were already seated in front of the screens.  “We hope that these boys will not disappoint us,” some commented. However, such comments, would only come from patriotic Cameroonians who want nothing but victory.

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While they digested meals and drinks prepared at the fan zone, they carefully watched the first minutes of the first half. But the meals seem to have become sour in the mouths of many when the first half was drawing to an end with no goals coming. Some had kept their meals open to flies just because of the pains they got from the scoring opportunities missed. A man in his late 70s was found wiping his tears after the team Captain, Jacques Zoua missed a magnificent scoring opportunity. When the lions displayed beautiful actions on the pitch, fans would stand up and shout at the top of their voices. Some even threatened to get in to the screen. 

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The case was not different at the Lions village. Given that it was already the second half, tensions grew every passing minute. When Alfred Meyong missed the header, fans knelt and carried their hands towards the sky. Perhaps, they were praying to the gods of football to grant them the long awaited goal. And indeed, a moment later, the gods answered by letting Cameroonian defender, Salomon Banga score the winning goal. They shouted with joy in a similar way that they cried for victory. They knelt once more and blew trumpets. Perhaps again, they were thanking the gods for victory. They then held their breaths till the end of the match before loosening up to celebrate the victory of the lions who have always done it, when no one expected.

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