Covid-19 : Taking Special Concoctions Continues, But...

Compliance to barrier measures has dropped. However, many families are into the drinking of lemon, ginger and garlic teas as a measure to curb the virus.

The enthusiasm of households and health personnel in applying preventive measures against the Coronavirus has drastically dropped. Hand-washing buckets, which used to exist in front of homes of many people, have virtually disappeared. Most family members when out of home do not respect the wearing of facemask.  But one thing is clear, the drinking of special concoctions believed by many people to treat or prevent Covid-19 continues steadily in different abodes. 
Ndolo O, a mother of four children tells Cameroon Tribune that at the beginning of the pandemic, she was very keen on ensuring that everybody in her home applies barrier measures against the virus. According to Ndolo “each time I went out, upon returning home, I must take a shower even if it is ten times a day. Nevertheless, I do not do that anymore. I have been quite careless.”
Although Ndolo washes her hands as often as possible, she attests to the fact that she does not wear her facemask all the time especially when out of home. Personally, Ndolo says she does not bring visitors to her home. However, she received a few family friends who came visiting from Germany. Sadly enough, nobody was wearing a facemask, she lamented. However, Ndolo inhales hot water each day as a method to curb the impact of the virus. After talking with Cameroon Tribune reporters, she says it is like a wake-up call to start reinforcing and applying Covid-19 barrier measures. Especially given that the new strain of the virus is more contagious. “One has to be extremely careful, because the Coronavrius is real and can kill any person”, Ndolo underscores. 
At Beri M’s residence at the Mballa II neighbourhood in Yaounde, the hand-washing bucket is abandoned beside the main entrance into the house. The bucket has neither water nor soap. Even if a visitor intends to wash his or her hands, it will not be possible. There are families, which provide hand sanitizers to all visitors. But Wise J, the head of a family says the strictness with which the measure was applied has dropped. As such, nobody seems to follow-up if visitors have washed their hands or sanitized them. 
Even families that had prohibited visitors are currently receiving them without any moderation. Yvan N says there is no way one can strictly apply the barrier measures against Covid-19 as required. As such, people seem to get back to their normal life. Reasons why Yvan says he embraces his friends and family members and even do handshake with some.  Although many households say the preparation and drinking of special traditional concoctions against Covid-19 is still ongoing among different families, many say at times they forget to drink these special potions.



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