South West : Officials Begin Effective Work

While technicians were on January 25, 2021 busy providing the necessary fittings for their offices, the officials were conceiving work plans to satisfy the population.

After presenting the eight office holders of the Regional Council to the general public during an installation ceremony on January 22, 2021, the officials began effective work yesterday in their office space located at the “Tuborg Junction” in GRA Buea. Cameroon Tribune visited the Buea regional office on January 25 morning and felt the heat of the first working day. 

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Cutting saws, hammers on nails, pieces of plank littering the floors and a generalized busy atmosphere was evident. It is a three-floor building. We moved to President Zacheus Bakoma Elango’s middle floor office. He had passed through the office and gone to Yaounde to meet hierarchy for urgent arrangements. Contacted on the phone, Bakoma replied that he would be back during the week after meeting hierarchy for office urgencies.

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At the top floor, we met the President of the House of Chiefs, Chief Dr. Atem Ebako Bisong, who also doubles as the Vice President of the Regional House of Divisional Representatives. Civilities concluded, His Majesty replies to our question to know the first task at hand. “Our installation took place last Friday. Here we are in the office. Already, the Secretary of the House of Chiefs has contacted a good number of people as preparatory phase towards the real planning. This preparatory phase involves meeting and gathering information from those who are going to be our partners. My first thing this morning is to meet the Lands Department. You know how important land is to the population and you know it has been the bone of contention while government says all land belongs to it; the community believes that ancestrally, land is their property. So, given the disputes in this domain I want to meet the Minister of Lands. With the permission of the Delegate in charge of lands, I will also meet them to gather information about the issues that matter about land,” Chief Dr. Atem Ebako Bisong told a team of CT reporters. 

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But the office premises is still a work site, this reporter remarked to the President. “The office is ready. Practically, there aren’t yet the office personnel and the office furniture. But at my level as President of the House of Chiefs, I have started my work because the five years is not a very long time. So, I am already here conceiving and making projects that will take me along.” 

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