Highlights Of The President’s Message

President Biya’s address to Cameroonian youths bore significant reminders to a cross-section of his compatriots: Excerpts:

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CHAN 2020 Success Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

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“Compliance with preventive measures prescribed by Government with other measures requested by organisers of the tournament helped to ensure the smooth organization in Cameroon, a country of fraternity and peace…

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“Given the success of this sporting event, I feel like saying that 2021 is beginning on a positive note for our youth.”

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On account of the multiple achievements; Cameroon’s youths deserve the sacrifices made for these major investments.”

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“I want to call on Cameroonian football governing bodies to pull themselves together and restore order to their organisation”.

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 Peace, Sovereignty, Unity

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“Your mission today is the preservation of the peace, unity and prosperity of our country…” Peace is prerequisite for progress.

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“Young people are most active in vigilante committees which are providing valuable support to the Defence and Security Forces”.

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“They are model of abnegation, patriotic awareness, service for the common interest and preservation of sovereignty and unity.”

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“Dedicated and committed youths are the pride of our country.”

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Unfortunate Choice

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“Some of you have unfortunately chosen to rally behind the demons of hatred and division. Driven by barbaric fanaticism, often whipped up and nurtured from foreign countries or by a perverse use of social media, they try to undermine the foundations of the nation.”

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Generational Transition

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“Regional and local authorities constitute a source of opportunities that I urge you to seize.”

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“Time for politicking is therefore over. It is time to resolutely get back to work.”

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Effective Participation By All

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