Local Authorities : Niger Learns From Cameroon’s Experience

A delegation of the National Agency for Financing Local Authorities of Niger (ANFICT) had working visit in Cameroon.

Things will never the same gain with regard to local authorities in charge of local development in Niger as officials of the National Agency for Financing Local Authorities of that country (ANFICT) have had working sessions and sharing of experiences with Cameroon government officials, Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM), United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, Yaounde City Council and Obala Council.

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The delegation from Niger was led by the board chairperson of ANFICT, Dr Halilou Ibrahima. The objective of the visit was to deepen the sharing of experiences started in 2017 during the previous visit of ANFICT delegation to Cameroon focused on the experience of FEICOM in relation to the mobilization of resources, management of projects and financing local development. The delegation members from Niger also had to participate in the drawing up of the 2021 action plan of the Network of Financing Institutions of Local Authorities (RIAFCO).

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In the report of the working mission presented at the head office of FEICOM on February 12, 2021, it emerged that Niger’s officials were to go home with a wealth of experience. This is because with government ministries they learned much about the decentralisation process in Cameroon. In the restitution session chaired by the Director General of FEICOM, Philippe Camille Akoa  it was disclosed that ANFICT officials and those of Cameroon’s  Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development shared experiences on the evolution and organisation of the decentralisation process and  local financing in their respective countries, in the Ministry of Finance, they shared experiences on State mechanisms  for resources to local authorities. They also had a working session at the Ministry of External Relations.

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The working session with FEICOM was certainly the most determinant. Here five topics were reportedly presented by FEICOM officials. The topics included the mobilization of resources, financing tools and engineering process of council projects, follow up and putting in place of council projects, programmes and partnership projects and internal audit in FEICOM. During exchanges, ANFICT officials were reportedly interested in processes related to the application procedure for funding, relations between FEICOM and the fiscal services of the State, mobilization of resources from partners and the role of FEICOM as financial intermediary. 

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The working sessions between ANFICT officials and those of the Yaounde City Council, Yaounde IV Subdivisional Council and Obala Council gave the visiting delegation members the opportunity to get practical knowledge on the implementation of decentralisation and local development on the field.

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