Evolution of Covid-19 : 2,200 Active Cases

During a press briefing on Friday February 19, 2021 the population was called to continue respecting barrier measures in curbing the virus.

As of February 19, 2021 the overall epidemiological situation of Covid-19 pandemic in the country revealed that there are 33,749 confirmed cases, 31, 362 recoveries, 523 deaths, 2,200 active cases including 158 in Management Units and 38 under oxygen. This was made known by the Director of Disease Control at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Georges Alain Etoundi Mballa, at the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre during a press briefing on the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

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Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Public Health, Dr Etoundi Mballa said these figures represent a recovery rate of ninety-three per cent (93 per cent) and the lethality rate of one point five per cent (1.5 per cent). The Director of Disease Control said the epidemiological situation has been growing steadily since mid-December 2020, due to the second wave of the epidemic observed not only in Europe and America, but also in the African Region.

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Dr Etoundi Mballa said several reasons could explain the increase in the number of cases and deaths. Amongst which the increase in social interactions linked not only to the end-of-year celebrations, but also to population movements during the just-ended CHAN tournament. The gradual resumption of socio-economic activities and the very low observance of barrier measures by the populations. The alarming situation linked to the fact that the borders of the country have been reopened and the new viral strains is circulating rapidly in the world (England, Brazil) and in Africa (South Africa, Nigeria).

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A week after the African Nations Championship, the health expert said they have assessed the health security system put in place through the activation of the incident management system. Undoubtedly, he noted, the health system has taken up its challenges, that of successfully organizing the 1st sports competition admitting spectators to the stadiums. “To all the actors of the health system, rescuers, nursing staff, laboratory staff, doctors and others, thanks to you Cameroon has held its bet”, Dr Etoundi Mballa underlined. 

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Although the Covid-19 pandemic situation seems under control, the epidemic continues to rage in all regions of the country. The Director of Disease Control at the Ministry of Public Health used the occasion to call on all stakeholders, including communities, to become more involved in the current response in curbing Covid-19. In order to limit the damage caused by the pandemic in the socio-economic life of the country, everybody has been invited to persevere in the compliance with the barrier measures put in place by the Government and WHO. Amongst which, washing hands with clean running water and soap or use an alcohol-based solution; covering the nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing, sneezing or use a bent elbow;  maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres and wear a face mask in a public place.

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