Douala Central prison : Minors Rejoice Over Gifts

This was on Friday March 5, when female workers from the regional delegation of Labour and Social Security went visiting.

It was all joy and happiness in the minor section of the Douala Central prison as the young prisoners sang and dance to welcome the women from the regional delegation of Labour and Social Security who brought them some food items on Friday March 5, 2021. The young prisoners who expressed the need for compassion and love wished to be free again.

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The women from the regional delegation of labour and social security said the aim of their visit was to give hope to the young inmates and showed them love. According to the Regional Delegate of Labour and social Security Madam Sankep Angeline they brought in some food stuff to offer the minors so that they can eat healthy and stay strong even while in prison. She said despite the fact that they were in prison they wanted them to know that they are still Cameroonians and are still loved. “As mothers we wanted the children to have some motherly love and care, even if a child is bad he or she still has a place in the mother’s heart. We also want them not to feel abandoned but to also understand that they are here for correction” she added. Away from the foodstuff, she said they also came to pay the caution of some 3 minors who have been release and there was no body to pay their caution so that they can get out of the prison. 

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The food items made up of salt, rice, spagathi, beans; and a lot more were handed to the prison authorities who also appreciated the gesture.

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