Cameroon Tribune Special Edition : “Ladies Power” Team In Command

Today’s edition of the newspaper has been exclusively managed by the female staff of the newsroom.

International Women’s Day 2021. It is a special day for women worldwide. More exceptional is the special edition of the National Bilingual Newspaper; Cameroon Tribune. The production procedures of the newspaper have been exclusively managed by the female staff of the newsroom with Marie-Claire Nnana (MC as she is fondly called) as the Publisher and Yvette Mbassi Bikele as the newsroom Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief. The “Ladies Power” team, whose duties began by 9.00 am on Sunday March 7, will end with tomorrow’s edition. The edition brings to the limelight the popular adage which says “Anything a man can do, a woman can do it, even better.”

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The production process began at 9:00 am yesterday with the editorial newsroom meeting chaired by Yvette Mbassi Bikele. Surrounding her were various service heads. At the helm of the  Political Desk is Eulalia Amabo, the Economic Desk is Jocelyne Ndouyou-Mouliom, Society and Culture Desk, Monica Nkodo. Josiane Matia and Jeanine Fankam head the Sports and Foreign Desks, respectively. Charged with designing the newspaper for this special edition is Marthe Ombikoti. During the meeting, the male staff such as Yves Atanga and Richard Kometa, who usually took central position in the newsroom, were seated on the second role, just like other male staff. They were however given opportunities to bring in ideas to better the output of news items for the newspaper. The meeting gave each service head the opportunity to present news items for the pages that will be allocated for the service. Within two hours, this session of the newspaper production was completed and the entire newsroom team, both the male and the female journalists went on to write their various articles.

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Within various services, activities went on well. But the reaction of some male colleagues, particularly those male service heads who had to receive instructions from their erstwhile female collaborators was received with a pinch of salt. But, the female team was in full command and the men were much obliged to obey.  By 2:00 pm, the Publisher of the newspaper, Marie Claire Nnana, who also doubles as the General Manager of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) joins the team for the headline meeting. It is a meeting dedicated to choosing what will feature on the front page of the newspaper. Again, the men took the second role in the hall as discussions took place. It was an opportunity for the Publisher to encourage her “woman’s team”. She said it was not a handicap to be a woman. As such, it was an occasion for the ladies to showcase their professional capacity and availability. “We have to be available and ready to give more of our time in executing our job”, Marie-Claire Nnana told her girls. Within an hour, the headline meeting came up with the front-page of the Cameroon Tribune newspaper which readers have in front of them. 

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