Cameroon-United States Relations : Opinions On Democracy Shared

Minister Felix Mbayu on March 5, 2021 received in audience the Acting Ambassador of the United States to Cameroon, Vernelle Trim Fitzpatrick.

Ideas on democracy and human rights have been shared between the Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of cooperation with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu and the Acting Ambassador of the United States to Cameroon, Vernelle Trim Fitzpatrick during an audience the former granted the latter on March 5, 2021. 

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In her statement to reporters after the over one hour audience, the US diplomat said they talked about scientific exchange between the United States and Cameroon. “It is always very important to come here and have fruitful exchanges with the Ministry of External Relations. Of course, we talked about a range of issues having to do with multilateral affairs, security, our opinions on democracy and human rights, and our assistance to Cameroon in our areas of cooperation,” she said, adding  the United States will continue to work with the government of Cameroon to advance the interest of the people of Cameroon. 

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As concerns the management of refugees in Cameroon, Vernelle Trim Fritzpatrick lauded government’s efforts. “We were again thanking him (referring to Minister Mbayu) that Cameroon is being such a great host for the refugee that influx into Cameroon from the Central African Republic. In fact, the United States provides food to over 400,000 refugees monthly in Cameroon,” she said. 

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On the question of the arrival of a new US Ambassador to Cameroon, she said some patience should be exercised. “In the United States now, we have a government in transition and they are filling various positions starting from the very top at the ministerial level and working their way down. Keep in mind that an ambassadorial position is Senate confirmed. At this time, we have no news for you and are all waiting patiently for the arrival of the new ambassador in the future. But then again, the embassy remains open for business,” she said. 

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According to her, the warm welcome according her each time at the Ministry of External Relations, translates the cordial relations that exist between the two countries.

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