“USDP Is Busy Reviewing Its Internal Mechanism”

Prince Ekosso, National President of the United Socialist Democratic Party.

How is the USDP fairing?
The United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP) is standing firm, determined, conscious and courageous towards her vision for real change in our beloved country, Cameroon. Within the party, we share the political ideology that don’t wait for change, but rather become an agent of real change in Cameroon with USDP. 
What is the plan of action and major activities of the party for 2021?
There is no gainsay to the fact that the war and insecurity ranging from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, Boko Haram insurgencies in the Far North, refugees from Central Africa and now couple with the COVID-19 pandemic should be the major concern for USDP. So, USDP is working harder to see that there's ceasefire, security, peace, reconciliation, and development in the country and particularly in the two restive English speaking regions. We are working and talking with both government and separatists towards the restoration of normalcy in the North West and South West regions. We are pulling together the opposition political forces so as to determine the choice of Cameroonians in the 21st century political participation.
USDP is busy reviewing its internal mechanism by identifying, appointing and electing new members of USDP into leadership positions within the party throughout the national territory.
A press conference is in view which will be a platform to re-announce our manifesto/vision for real change in Cameroon. USDP is working with Cameroonians in the diaspora. It should be noted that if the Anglophone crisis has reached the violent stage which we now experience, it's because of the impact of disgruntled Cameroonians overseas. So, USDP has the responsibility to provide political, social, cultural and economic space for all Cameroonians in the diaspora back at home.
Revision of the electoral registers is ongoing, how involved is your party in this exercise?
USDP has been hammering on the idea of the revision of the Electoral Code, especially voter's age to begin as from 18 years, the application of Article 66 and other provisions of the Constitution and the passing into law the aspect of Dual Nationality since 2011. So, USDP welcomes the idea of...



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