Return To Normalcy In NW: Ngoketunjia Elite Strategise In Yaounde

The March 27, 2021 get-together served as a platform to finding lasting solutions to the restoration of peace and the effective resumption of schools in the Division.

Following the socio-political tension which has rocked the two English speaking regions of the country, elite and other sons and daughters of the Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region met in Yaounde on March 27, 2021 to chart a way forward for peace and create an enabling environment for development projects to be executed. The event was patronised by the Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, Prof Paul Ghogomu.

In his preliminary statement, Prof Paul Ghogomu said what the division has experienced in the last four years has been traumatizing with painful reminisce of inter-village football come-together, annual traditional celebrations, national events and Fons’ meetings. “Peace is an essential ingredient for life. In fact, it is said that peace is everything. Meaningful development only thrives in a peaceful environment. We can be useful agents and instruments of this peace," he averred. The Minister added that the conference offers the opportunity for them to ponder where the division was, where they are now and where they should be going.

In his welcome address, the President of the Ngoketunjia Development and Cultural Association (NGODECA), Senior Administrator of Prisons, Ngangjoh Mama Lamya said the solution-seeking conference will surely pave the way forward for the people of Ngoketunjia. “Our children are deprived of their right to education, many schools burnt down, some of our markets burnt, health facilities destroyed, barbaric slaughtering of our people. As if that is not enough, our tradition is defiled. All these leading to massive rural exodus. Worst still, our Fons who are the custodians of our tradition are all out of their villages for fear of the unknown. Our economic and all our development projects are grounded,” he regretted. According to him, peace has no price and cannot be bought in the market. "We should encourage and assure the boys in the bushes to come out and be rehabilitated in the DDR Centres created by the Head of State for them. Let’s all be ambassadors of peace,” he pleaded.

Three commissions were created in the course of the peace conference. They include the Commission for Peace and Development in Ngoketunjia, Commission for Education and the Resolution Commission. The Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia, Quetong Handerson Kongeh who is also a son of the soil came with a message from his hierarchy, before presenting the situation back home as he see it. In attendance at the peace conference were Senators Fon Chafah Isaac and Henry Kemende, Hon Njungum Musa, who all took turns to insist on the importance of peace in the Division. There was also the Director General of Treasury, Moh Sylvester, former Senator Dingha Ignatius, and other elite from the Division.




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