House Parties Spreading Coronavirus…

People are warned against the dangers of having family parties during this Easter period.

It is the Holy Week. The week, which started on Sunday March 28, will end on Saturday April 3, paving the way for the celebration of Easter Sunday on April 4, 2021. Easter Sunday, which is the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection, according to the Gospel is marked by celebrations worldwide. As such, many Christians will attend special church services characterised by music, candlelight, Baptism, First Holy Communion services, etc. These events have never been limited within the church premises. Families have extended celebrations to different house parties to honour those who were baptised or received the first Holy Communion. Such gatherings, which use to be normal, are no longer okay due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus is taking full advantage of house parties. Individuals should avoid any house gatherings during this period because they will be putting others in jeopardy.

Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands. Do not attend house parties. But, these messages seem to fall on deaf ears.  Information shows that Covid-19 spreads faster during private gatherings, because most of the time, people do not respect barrier measures. They think because it is a family gathering, the setting seems generally harmless. However, birthday parties and family meetings recently in some towns in the country are claiming the lives of many people in the same family. One of such event was in Douala, in the Littoral Region. The guest list was limited to close family members. There was a cake, singing and, of course, blowing out the candles. But lurking in the shadows of the celebration was something unexpected-the Coronavirus. One guest was already infected, but was ignorant of his status and was spreading the virus. By the time the party ended, the virus had permeated the gathering. Of the 13 guests, six of the eight adults were infected and three out of the five children. Today, the father and mother are in the mortuary. More than three other family members are still sick of Covid-19. The situation is traumatising, as other family members seem to be in a state of dementia.

Authorities say these are the kinds of get-togethers that have played out in creating clusters of Covid-19 in various regions in the country. When you are with people, you know, psychologically, you may underestimate the risk, especially around family. "Usually, with people you are closer, you hug them" a health expert note. Nevertheless, unless people live under the same roof, public health officials recommend maintaining a physical distance of at least two metres. Although social distancing may feel unnatural among family members, experts say, it is necessary. You can be part of the problem of propagating the outbreak, or you can be part of the solution,” health officials underscore.



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