Celestin Njamen Launches New Party

This was in a press conference yesterday, April 21, at the La Chaumiere hall in Douala.

The Cameroonian political landscape has been enriched with the creation of a new political party. The Patriotic and Republican Alliance, APAR, legalized on April 6th, was launched in a press conference of Wednesday April 21st at La Chaumiere restaurant in Douala by the president of the party, Celestin Djamen. 

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Speaking on the occasion, Celestin Djamen said he decided to create a political party in order to fill a vacuum in the opposition in Cameroon. He said, the APAR which is the 319th party to be legalized in Cameroon will not be a party only on paper. “We are going to be very active and make concrete proposals”, he said. APAR, he said stands for one and indivisible Cameroon and advocates for the creation of a Cameroonian official language different from English or French, which he said was the language of colonial masters. He equally called for a reform of the educational and judicial system and for Africa to embrace industrialization as a means of combating neo-colonialism.

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He said his ambition to make APAR the second political party in Cameroon by 2025. He said his party will never boycott elections but said APAR will have a secretariat of cooperation with other political parties to discuss issues related to the reform of the electoral code. He shunned tribalism saying there is so place for tribalism in his party and that the motto of APAR is “Fatherland before the tribe”. He also advocated for the involvement of Cameroonians in the diaspora in the development effort of the nation saying Cameroonians achieve great things outside the country and could do better back home. APAR, he said, is a respecter of State institutions and defender of republican values. APAR, he said incarnates the new opposition as according to him, the old opposition has failed. He condemned the platform put in place by some opposition party to press for a reform of the electoral law, saying the meeting was convened by people who wanted to boost their image after facing internal criticisms from their political parties. Quizzed on political prostitution from SDF to CRM and now APAR, he said he is out to share his political convictions with Cameroonians who he said are the ultimate electors. He was flanked by the national coordinator of APAR, Yerima Kaigama and the treasurer of the party, Bienvenue Momha.

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