SOPECAM : Measures To Protect Personnel In Place

Screening of workers and disinfecting of working environment against Covid-19 has been made regularly.

Since the announcement of the first Covid-19 case in Cameroon in March 2020, the management of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) has not relented any effort to curb the spread of the virus amongst its staff. Through recurrent screenings of personnel, obligatory wearing of face mask by everyone seen within the corporation and the washing of hands, the company has not just established a platform to protect its workers from Covid-19, but has also followed-up the healthcare given to those tested positive of the Coronavirus
At the entrance to the headquarters of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation in Yaounde, is a poster that reads SOPECAM says “No to Covid-19”. The fight against Covid-19 is a reality at SOPECAM! Further information reads: “No Access Without Wearing a Face Mask”, “Washing of Hands With Soap is Obligatory.” Next to the gate is a hand-washing bucket with soap. Everybody entering the company must wash his or her hands. The security agents are on stand-by with a thermo flashes to check the temperature of everybody. 
The Head of General Administration and Human Resources Division at SOPECAM, Isabelle Fouda, says the management of the corporation went further in curbing Covid-19 amongst its workers through regular screening. So far, five of such screenings have taken place during which some personnel were tested positive. Isabelle Fouda noted that the company accompanies workers that are Covid-19 positive in their treatment. Such...



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