Centre Regional Council : Officials At Training Phase

Effective field work is still to begin as stakeholders sharpen their skills to meet the aspirations of the population.

Regional Councils as defined by the Constitution of Cameroon are institutions that have control of cultural, economic, educational, social, health and sports-related issues in the regions. The election of regional councillors on December 6, 2020 through indirect universal suffrage, the election of Regional Presidents and their Bureau members, their swearing in, the holding of a session as of right and the appointment of Secretary Generals of Regional Councils, make the institution complete for work at deepening the decentralisation process in Cameroon.  The ten regional councils across the territory therefore have the uphill task of implementing various stipulations of the General Code on Regional and Local Authorities that concern them. 

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At the Centre Regional Council office in Yaounde, bureau members and officials are at the training phase on understanding the legal area of competence of regional councillors. According to the First Vice President, Sanama Nkono, they are at the installation and training phase as well as reflecting on a development plan for the region. With regards to training, he noted that the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development has organised two seminars to update the skills of regional executives in decentralised governance. The First Vice President explained that the first training was budget programming and the second on decentralisation. While the various offices of bureau members and others are progressively being equipped by the Ministry of Decentralisation, Sanama Nkono said they (referring to bureau members) are currently brainstorming on a regional development plan which will be presented to the Governor and the Ministry of Decentralisation for validation. He added that effective field visits have not started but there are prospects to that effect in the near future.

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Meanwhile, the office of the Secretary General of the Centre Regional Council is already in place and work ongoing, all with the objective of contributing in speeding up the decentralisation process, hence the development of Cameroon. Thus, at the moment, most of what is happening at the Secretariat is general documentation and other administrative work. 

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