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After a five-month break due to ill health last year, Vernyuy Tina has bounced back this 2021 with three new singles with the latest being “Silver”. The single was at press time counting over 50,000 views less than one month after its release on Youtube. Apart from “Silver”, the artist who hails from Nso in the North West region is struggling to write her name in the golden books of music through a genre she calls “Afro-Njang”. Her gallery of songs counts nine hits with “Musica” raising her to the pulpit. Besides valorising her Nso culture in particular and that of Cameroon in general via music, the artist known for her Nso accent, says she is out to recount the sad experience of her childhood and encourage her peers to stand tall. In an exclusive interview with Cameroon Tribune, Vernyuy Tina opens up on the or- deals of her five months break and how her difficult childhood is helping to shape her music path and career content .

You have been off the music scene for over five months and today you have bounced back with three singles. What was keeping you off and what is your latest project all about?

I was off the scene for over five months because I was sick. During that period I could not work. When things got better, I had to let my fans know that I am back with the three new singles which I recently released. They include; “Weh Weh”, “La B.A.D” and “Silver”. I had worked on “La B.A.D” before the break but it was not yet released. Silver is my birthday song. It basically means my silver Jubilee. It was released on my 25th birthday. The song is just thanking God for my new age, life, music and career. I have been into music for about six years. I am just thanking god for what he has been doing for me so far and the capacity he has given me to overcome the challenges that come my way. I have been able to release nine singles. It is thanks to God that I could came up with sounds like “Musica”, “Yuti”, “Wéh Wéh”, “Jei” amongst others. I equally recently got a deal with a Jameson Irish Brand. I am motivated by myself, my story, the urge to tell the stories of others and the desire to preach love to the world.

You said you are motivated by your story. What is that story all about?

My story is that of a little girl, going through ill health and trauma from rape at seven. I kept it in me until I got to adolescence and began to avoid men. Many people thought I was gay and then at puberty, the trauma came back strong when I had my first bleed. My mom observed the hate for men and when she got deeper with me that was when I told her what happened. From there, we started therapies for hysteria crises in a psychiatric home for about a year. Things have gotten better with time. Music is healing my pains. If I am one of the best lyricists today in Africa, then it is thanks to writing from a very young age and talking less except when I have to sing. I went through all that and succeeded. I am telling this story to the world so that my peers can learn and be strong enough to face their destinies. Many people may think that after being sexually abused at a tender age, as a woman you might be scared of getting in to the music world given its complex nature.

What encouraged you to do so?

There was fear. But there is no pain no gain. You have to face the challenges that came with the profession you choose. You can make yourself different and stay on your lane. What I came to do as an artist is to preach love, portray decency and Africanism. I recently did a project which is about telling your story to the community. In my text, I stated how I moved from that enclosed little girl to be able to get into boldness. It was a gradual process. I am different from a little girl who was raped without talent. I realised that I had talent and I de- cided to use it to sooth my pain rather than killing it with fear of harassment.

You participated in Witty’s “Be Proud” project alongside other prominent artists like Mr Leo, Magasco, Kameni, Awu and Gasha. How did you get in to this project?

Witty called me to join the project. He is my Nso brother first of all. I know after the blow he was pondering on whether he should do a collabo with just Nso artists or singers across the country. Normally, he cannot go to the other parts without getting to his own brothers and sisters. I loved the song and I was honoured to be on the collabo .



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