“When It Ends” : Wrong Doctrines Misleading Christians

The film reveals the sometimes wrong doctrines church leaders teach couples.

“Faith could be your greatest ally or it could break you down. But we must strive to find a balance between what is right and what is true to you.” When Harriet (Ndem Nora), one of the main characters in the movie “When It Ends”, made the statement in front of her Mummy Pastor, in the presence of other sisters, it was a clear indication that she had come to a self-realisation of the fact that her so called Christian doctrines had destroyed her marriage. The movie; “When It Ends”, produced by Peter Jokfu Nkewir and Nchifor Valery under Summit Productions tells the story of a young Christian couple who because of their inability to have a child pushed the wife (Harriet) to resort to a 60-day fasting and prayers as instructed by her Mommy Pastor (Linda Namondo). It all started as a joke, when Harriet announced the 60-day fasting and prayer sessions during which she is not supposed to have any intimacy with her husband Gabuin (Nchifor Valery). For close to over 1:30 minutes, Gabuin tried in vain to talk to the wife over such a decision, which is not good for their young marriage. While Gabuin struggles with the desires of his flesh, his office secretary is ready to meet his sexual needs at all cost. In a pathetic manner, the director of the movie, Achille Brice unfolds how one bad decision in the marriage leads to others with irreversible consequences. Harriet is raped by thugs and Gabuin is involved in an accident which further reduces his chances of ever impregnating a woman.

Shot in the cities of Buea and Limbe in the South West Region, Peter Jokfu Nkewir, says the movie was released in late 2020 via different websites. He added that he and his team decided to come up with such a movie in a bid to reveal what is happening in the society as far as some “Men of God” are concerned. Today, Peter Jokfu Nkewir says many vulnerable and poor people have fallen prey to some of these fake men of God. In Africa, he added, school drop outs, native doctors amongst others have resorted to using the bible to preach wrong doctrine to Christians. This is mostly through the use of fake prophecy and interpretation of the scriptures to fit their ideologies. As such, while watching “When It Ends” one sees some of the negative effects of mushroom churches and fake men of God in the personal lives and marriages of people. Team “When It Ends” is how to showcase love for humanity and a better society of people true to the identify they carry in Christ .



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