Limbe : Tempest Wind Pulls Down SDO’s Office Roof

Governor Okalia Bilai visited the scene and instructed for a quick evaluation.

The roof of the Senior Divisional Office of Fako seated in Limbe has been blown off by a tempest wind. This was on May 31, 2021, shortly before midday following a heavy storming rain that pounded the city of Limbe and caused temporal electricity outage. 
The roofs of many structures in Limbe, mostly in New Town, were also destroyed by the wild wind. Crops were destroyed in farms around Njalla Quan Sports Academy in Limbe III Sub-Division. The thunderous wind off-rooted several trees in the city of Limbe which blocked the roads hindering circulation. 
Following the incident, South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, visited the scene in Limbe where he called for a quick evaluation of the damages. He instructed South West Regional Delegate for Housing and Urban Development to evaluate and estimate if the roof can be repaired if not another building could be sought for. “The SDO’s Office is an old structure erected since the colonial days. Most parts of the structure are already giving way especially as it sits beside the seashore with much humidity that continually depreciates it. There are many aspects of the building to be examined,” the Governor explained to the press. Office documents were spared from destruction given that the structure is decked but water still made its way into offices.
The Governor instructed the Limbe City Council to clear the fallen trees on the roads. Governor Okalia Bilai insisted that the tempest wind was just a natural phenomenon. No human life was lost in the incident.



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