Senseless Angling

Cameroon once highly reputed for its peace-loving endowments, strong kinship ties, hard work, intelligence and creativity is today apparently, a shadow of itself. Reasons: We seem to have fallen in love with unpatriotic trends that trigger, misappropriation, inertia, corruption, favouritism, lack of duty consciousness, destructive politicking and worst of all, elimination of life in the quest of material gains.
This sounds alarmist, but the truth is that at a time when we ought to continue portraying political maturity which in 1961 made the unification dream a reality, we are still tempted to betray our solidarity through the aforementioned societal ills that tarnish the image of our beloved country. 
Regrettably, five years ago, teachers and common law lawyers undertook a strike action which surprisingly resulted in a political crisis whose effects are painful, deadly, and devastating. Innocent children have been deprived of schooling and their parents’ economic activities badly affected, by the “ghost town” phenomenon. What a shame that a country which for long had been hosting refugees from neighbouring countries today finds its own citizens suffering elsewhere as displaced persons! 
What love do we claim to have for our country, government and the president, if we see little, or nothing wrong in depriving children of their right to education, eliminating some of them, and their parents in a senseless confrontation? What do we gain from destroying infrastructure meant to ensure development and peaceful living in unity?
How much credibility do we give our past struggle for political independence and self-government if our insatiable quests for riches make us ignore people’s needs including health in a global pandemic like the corona virus?
What love do we claim to have for this triangle of ours if we do not care about the complaints that trigger disillusionments and the temptation to destroy instead of constructing? While we blame the International Committee for apparently neglecting a political crisis that is costing several lives, displacing many and betraying the norms of global solidarity, let us not forget t...



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