After Budgetary Session : SW Regional Assembly To Begin Field Work

Though their voted envelope, entirely allocated by the State, may not immediately construct the badly needed roads, it will oil the Regional Executive machine to ready itself to perform.

Some FCFA 2.750.000.000 has been adopted as budget to run the affairs of the South West Regional Assembly for 2021. This was done during a budgetary session of 2-4 June, 2021. The budget which is balanced in income and expenditure will invest FCFA 1.565.000.000 and run the Regional expenses with FCFA
Although coming at the middle of the year, the budget will prepare the 90 elected manpower of the Regional Assembly to comb across the 25.410 square kilometres of South West land area. The South West Region habours a population of 1.842.516 inhabitants spread through six administrative Divisions of Fako, Kupe Muanenguba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme, and Ndian.
As the budgetary session ended deliberations last Friday, the Executive President of the South West Regional Assembly, Zacheus Bakoma Elango, explained that, with the means available, the executive arm of the Assembly would incessantly go down to the field to meet the population. While on the ground, he stressed, they will seek opinions from the hinterlands, survey development needs and plant sign posts for development.
In his statement, the South West Governor and representative of the State, Bernard Okalia Bilai, praised the Regional Assembly for their work and urged them to sell the important Regional institution to the general public for its worthy potentials. The Governor explained that the regional Assembly with special status could serve many aspirations of the people administratively and developmentally.
The 23 female and 67 male Assembly with a 20-member House of Chiefs and 70-member House of Divisional representatives is now poised to meet the demands of the people in the Region at least by initially building a record of developmental projects, which generally revolves around farm-to-market roads, electricity supply, town planning, educational manpower and structures, health services and sanitary facilitation. Even if the amount for the start does not reasonably portend any major infrastructural advancement, it, however, augurs for the necessary warm up of the Regional institution to tackle serious business in the interest of the people.
The deliberations of the Regional Assembly are expected to be forwarded to the Governor of the South West Region, who, acting as the State representative, will back it for execution. 



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