Vaccination : Timid But Progressive Turnout

Reports from some Covid-19 vaccination centres in Yaounde reveal that many Cameroonians are embracing the vaccine although the rate seems slow.

The exercise to vaccinate Cameroonians against the Coronavirus pandemic is ongoing nationwide. Although it is yet to galvanise much enthusiasm amongst the population, reports from different vaccination centres in Yaounde indicate slow turnout. 
At the International Vaccination Centre in Yaounde, the Head of the Centre, Dr Yanne Emmanuel Ntsobe Njoh Bolo Bolo says since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination exercise, everything is going on well with no major hitch, especially given that the government has provided everything needed for the vaccination process. These include the vaccine, materials to administer the vaccine and the vaccination card. Since the start of the vaccination exercise, some 700 people have been vaccinated at the centre, many of whom are Cameroonians. According to Dr Ntsobe Njoh Bolo Bolo, not many people came for the Covid-19 vaccine at the beginning. But now, the number is beginning to be encouraging.
In a day, the International Vaccination Centre in Yaounde can vaccinate between 40 to 50 people. The head of the centre explained that when any person comes for the vaccine, they undergo questioning on the immediate state of their health, if they have any co-morbidity. Thereafter, they are sent to the vaccination box. After administrating the vaccine, Dr Ntsobe said the individual is placed in an observation box for at least 15 minutes in order to wipe out any major side effects. The medical personnel however revealed that, since the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine at the centre only three people presented signs of side effects which lasted for just 24 hours. The side effects were headache and stomach upset.  
At the Covid-19 vaccination centre located at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex the situation does not seem different. The Coordinator of the centre says the vaccination team is mostly programmed to function before midday. When it comes to receiving a large group of people, the group informs the vaccination team, who goes ahead to arrange a particular period to effectively receive them. However, there are those who will always create disorder.  At the Mvog-Ada District Hospital in Yaounde, it was revealed that those who come for the Covid-19 vaccine are for their second doses. At the Centre Regional Delegation of Public Health, where a vaccination team is on duty, one of them said not many people are coming for the vaccine. On Friday June 4, by 11:00 am, some 15 persons had already been vaccinated by midday.  There is hope that as communication intensifies around the Covid-19 vaccine, many more people would adhere. 



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