Public Independent Conciliators : NW, SW Population Welcome Appointments

They expressed thanks to the Head of State and call on the appointees to do just their work for the advancement of the decentralisation process.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya on June 10, 2021  in a decree appointed  Tamfu Simon Fai the Public Independent Conciliator for the North West Region and  Telelen Dorothy Atabong epse Motaze as the Public Independent Conciliator for the South West Region.
Their appointments have come to complete the structures of the Special Status for the two regions enshrined in  Law No.2019/024 of 24 December 2019 to Institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities. 
The appointments have been  highly welcomed  by the people  of the North West and South West Regions as it represents the concrete putting in place of the Special Status granted the two regions. The President of the Regional Assembly for the North West Professor Fru Angwafo III and his counterpart for the South West Bakoma Elanga Zacheus have respectively described Tamfu Simon Fai and Telelen Dorothy Atabong epse Motaze as the right people in the right positions. The population have high hopes that these Public Independent Conciliators will carry out unbiased investigations  and work with probity.
The hopes and anxiety of the populations of the two regions are justified considering the duties of the Public Independent Conciliators.  A Public Independent Conciliator is an independent regional authority who is a highly  experienced personality with reputed integrity and proven objectivity. Section 367 (1) of the law states that he or she shall be responsible for examining and amicably settling disputes between users  and regional and council administrations. He is also responsible for defending and protecting rights and freedoms with regard to the relationship between citizens and the region or the council thereof, designing and implementing measures to prevent and combat direct or indirect discrimination  that may affect users of regional or council services, ensuring that persons serving in  the regional or council administration comply with their ethical obligations. They equally have to conduct any investigation on the functioning of regional and council public services, at the request of five parliamentarians or five regional councillors as well as prepare a report on the functioning of regional and council services.



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