Cameroon-Swiss Federal Council : Visa Requirements Abolition In View

This will be for holders of diplomatic or service passports in both countries.

A bill which authorises the President of the Republic to ratify the Cooperation Agreement between the government of Cameroon and the Swiss Federal Council on the reciprocal abolition of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic and service passports signed in Yaounde on September 26, 2014 has been adopted at the National Assembly and Senate. The legal instrument is awaiting promulgation into law by the     President of the Republic.  
The document abolishes visa applications and payment of related fees for holders of diplomatic or service passports of the two countries and the visa exemption also extends to family members of holders of the said passports. Explanatory notes on the document state that for reasons of national security, public order, public health or for any other serious reason, each party may reserve the right for the application of this Agreement which further provides that disputes arising from its interpretation or application will be settled amicably through diplomatic channels. With a view of strengthening ties between Cameroon and Switzerland, the two countries signed the said Agreement to allow their nationals who are holders of diplomatic or service passports to enter and leave the territory of either State without major difficulties.     The ratification of the Agreement will further ease diplomatic, economic and trade relations between Cameroon and Switzerland. In addition, administrative services will be rendered more quickly as those to benefit from the visa exemption requirements are persons who enter or leave the territory of either country for official purposes. Abolishing the visa requirement process implies travel will be faster and official activities to be carried out in both countries will be done more easily. It should be noted that the said Agreement entered into force provisionally and already allows holders of these types of passports to travel more easily. However, to show the good faith of the parties concerned with regards to the commitments made at the time of the signature, its ratification is imperative. 



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