Local Governance : NASLA Graduates Last CEFAM Batch

The ceremony to pass out 148 students of cycle One and Two admitted in 2019 by the now ex-CEFAM marked the complete take-over by the 16-month-old NASLA.

The campus of the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) in Buea was recently in a festive mood to graduate the last batch of the CEFAM-admitted students. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development chaired the occasion.
Of the 167 admitted in 2019, 148 successfully passed out certificated with Cycles One and Two diplomas. By their graduation, 2 July, 2021, they were declared fit to serve in any of the local, City and Regional Councils of Cameroon.
The speakers at the graduation occasion expressed regrets that two students had died during training, 14 withdrew and three failed their end-of-course exams. However, it was a colourful event at NASLA created on 2 March, 2020, that was breaking off wholly from the defunct CEFAM whose full heritage they now assume. The first mark of their inheritance will be the awaited admission of their first batch of students that shall be launched by their titular Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development.
A singular plea came from the graduating students of local administration harping on the need to have the local public service instruments implemented so that the trained personnel from CEFAM-cum-NASLA would be integrated uniformly rather than suffer individual Council grading when employed.
The 374 local governments of Cameroon made of 360 Municipal Councils, 14 City Councils and 10 Regional Councils now have the choices at their disposal to recruit and use personnel trained to fulfill the new decentralization drive for the country. The Director General of NASLA, Tanyitiku E. Bayee, rejoiced that the institution had done its job properly to give the trainees the appropriate training required for the decentralisation drive in Cameroon.



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