CPDM Basic Organs : General Framework For Elections

The National President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has published a circular spelling out the general framework to govern the conduct of the elections.

President Paul Biya who is also the National President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in circular No.001/CPDM/NP of 8 July 2021 on the renewal of the executives of the CPDM basic organs and specialized organisations has in detail, spelt out the general framework to govern the conduct of the elections to renew the executives of the basic organs of the party.
The renewal of the basic comes after the operations to validate the basic structures of the CPDM that enabled the party come up with its updated cartography. President Biya in the circular states that, “The time has come to carry out elections in view of renewing the executives of the party’s basic organs, to equip them with officials whose legitimacy shall thus be renewed and greater efficiency guaranteed.” As to the quality of members of the executive, he specified that, “Members of the basic organs executive shall, therefore, be chosen from among our comrades who are the most convinced and convincing, loyal and faithful, disciplined and competent, humble and experienced, striving with dedication, generosity and self-sacrifice, without boastfulness or opportunism.” He further said, “Their sole ambition should be to ensure the ultimate triumph of the noble causes of the CPDM in all battles that our country is, notwithstanding obstacles and adversities, waging with unwavering determination, in order to secure its emergence, independence and ensure the uninterrupted enhancement of national living together and the well-being of our compatriots.”
The circular states the election structures that range from central supervisory committee, regional coordination committee, divisional control committee, section electoral committee, local renewal committee to the external renewal committee for party structures abroad. There also election modalities that specify voters and electoral lists, electoral colleges and voting system. The conditions for eligibility, incompatibilities, candidate lists and electoral campaign, polling stations and miscellaneous provisions are also detailed out in the circular.
As for the elections schedule, the National President of the CPDM said, they shall take place following a schedule drawn up by the Secretary General of the Central Committee. The note from the Secretary General of the Central Committee shall  indeed, specify the terms and conditions of the application of the circular. As such, the CPDM militants who aspire to contest for positions in the different basic organs of the CPDM have to acquaint themselves with the circular of the National President and above all prepare  well as the note of the Secretary General of the Central Committee will come to set the ball rolling. 



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