Tokyo Olympic Games : Mengue Ayissi Out

After his elimination at the eighth finals, Cameroon’s medal hope lies on Maxim Yengong who gets into the ring tomorrow, Thursday July 29, 2021.

The Olympic Games journey has come to an end for Cameroonian boxer Albert Mengue Ayissi. The 21-year-old boxer was beaten by Ireland’s Walsh Aidan in the eighth final bout in the welter weight category at the Kokugikan Arena on Monday July 26, 2021. 
Mengue Ayissi had a tough fight with Aidan Walsh before a five-man jury. The Irish boxer was more technical in the first round and won the round with positive results from four of the five judges. The second round was almost the same scenario and Aidan Walsh got the approval of all the five judges. Mengue Ayissi gave some hope to his country in the third round as he put up a strong fight and got the approval of two of the judges. But Aidan Walsh won the bout on a unanimous decision from the five judges. 
The coach of the national boxing team, Alain Didier Ngatcha said he was not satisfied with the referee’s decision. “The referee cannot stop the boxer when he is attacking and tell him that he has made a mistake. He should correct the boxer. I think that what made us loss that fight is because of the referee,” he said. The last Cameroonian boxer still in the race is Maxim Yengong in the heavy weight category. Maxim Yengong will compete with Russia’s Veriasov Yvan tomorrow, Thursday July 29, 2021. Yengong now carries Cameroon’s hope of winning a medal in this year’s Games. Away from boxing, Cameroon’s Arrey Sophina will begin her judo competition today, Wednesday July 28, 2021 in the -70kg category. 
Three Cameroonian athletes have now left the planetary tournament. They are Mengue Ayissi, Sarah Hanffou and Seyi Wilfred. This notwithstanding, Cameroon still has hopes of winning medals at the Olympic Games given that nine athletes are still in the competition.    



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