NASLA In-service Trainees Begin Classes

The opening day of the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) for in-service trainees for the 2021 took place on August 2, 2021.  The Director General of the institution, Tanyitiku Enohachuo Bayee told Cameroon Tribune that the trainees who are already working with different structures and administrations will undergo training for six months. After the opening day, the 306 trainees who were all in the Buea campus of NASLA for the opening ceremony,  yesterday, August 3 had an orientation class and effective classes will start today. The Director General of NASLA also used the occasion to talk about the training programmes, infrastructure and staffing situation of the school and the initial entrance examinations.

The opening day for in-service trainees of the National School of Local Administration took place on August 2, 2021. When will he entrance examinations take place and what   is the future of the graduates?
The launching the initial training entrance examination by the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, is eagerly awaited. We are still working in close collaboration with our technical supervisory ministry and other higher echelons of Government, to guarantee that NASLA Graduates are effectively recruited into the Regional and Local Authorities. Either through the signing of the decree on the General Statute of the Local Public Service by the President of the Republic or the establishment of a transitional mechanism for the recruitment of these graduates in the Regional and Local Authorities.
The institution has the mission to train officials and staff to serve in Regional and Local Councils and other areas.   How have you been carrying out the training to meet the missions?
Before answering your question, permit me present NASLA's training programmes. We have three types of training: initial training, for two years, which is open to a wider public and to which access is through a competitive entrance examination; In-service Training, lasting between three and six months, to which access is through file study and is exclusively for professionals who are expected to return to their jobs at the end of the training; and Specific Training, lasting a maximum of ten days, which focuses on specific themes of decentralisation and local development.  Sixteen (16) months after our arrival at NASLA at the end of March 2020, we have made tremendous progress in improving our training programmes, developing our infrastructural capacity and boosting our cooperation.
In terms of infrastructure, the capacity of our campus in Buea did not exceed 150 places when we arrived. However, this capacity has been increased to 390 places, thus, 240 additional places in one year. Still in this light, we are planning to build an amphitheatre and a gymnasium this year. I would like to thank our technical and financial supervisory authorities for their constant support. 
With regard to the training programme, NASLA has drawn up a catalogue containing more than forty specific training courses, which has been available since November 2020 on our various platforms and has been widely disseminated to RLAs. Furthermore, we have just completed the digitization process of our training programmes. 55% of In-service trainees - who will start their training on 2 August 2021 - will have their training on-line on our e-learning platform. We have also designed special training modules for Regional Councillors and Executives of the Regions-RLAs as well as for State Representatives and executives of the de-concentrated State Services.
In terms of cooperation, we have a very fruitful partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the French Cooperation. We are in very advanced discussions with the Canadian and United States' embassies. And it seems more than urgent to relaunch cooperation with the National Participatory Development Programme (PNDP).
Do you have adequate expertise and staff to carry out the training? 
As I already mentioned at the beginning of my remarks, the State has entrusted us with the delicate mission of training quality human resources for the Regional and Local Authorities. This exercise is only possible with competent training and administrative staff. 
With regards to the quality of training staff, we at NASLA are doing our utmost to attract high quality trainers. We have just recently completed the recruitment process of Part-time trainers, with a public Call for Applications. We also offer very attractive hourly rates.
As for the administrative staff, I think you are aware, as many are, of the appointment of Directors and Sub-Directors by the NASLA Board on 18 September 2020.



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