Mbam & Kim Division : CERAC Boosts Population’s Health

The charitable association of the First Lady yesterday August 4, 2021 handed over the rehabilitated and equipped Yoko District Hospital and gave diverse gifts to the inhabitants.

The popular quote, “Health is Wealth” has been materialised by the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC). The charitable association founded by the First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya, was at Yoko in the Mbam and Kim Division of the Centre Region, yesterday August 4, 2021 to officially hand over the rehabilitated and equipped Yoko District Hospital. The largesse of CERAC went beyond the health needs of the population. The association also offered gifts to some 15 rural women groups, youths and vulnerable persons of the Division.
It was a solemn but highly significant ceremony to the population as they saw the personal representative of the First Lady, Reine Felicite Beti Assomo, who is CERAC's delegate in the Centre Region unveiled a placard which read: “Yoko District Hospital, August 4, 2021, CERAC on behalf of its Founding President, Mrs Chantal Biya, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, UNAIDS Special, officially handed to the State of Cameroon, the Yoko District Hospital rehabilitated and equipped by CERAC". 
With joy, the population received the “New look” Yoko District Hospital. The Director of the hospital, Dr Afiang Aroga confirmed the metamorphosis that had taken place at the hospital which was created in 1955 and had never been renovated. According to Dr Aroga, the hospital site was inappropriate, toilets out of use, the medical platform inadequate especially as most of the medical equipment were bad. Most of the wards were not in use due to thier dilapidated state. The medical head lauded CERAC for refurbishing the hospital buildings, pathway, gutters, toilets and doors, electrical and plumbing works. CERAC also went on to offer medical, biomedical and radiology equipment to the health structure. The medical district officer acknowledged CERAC’s goodwill gesture and noted that it will greatly contribute in improving healthcare given to the population. 
On behalf of all the beneficiaries, Agnes Wamana expressed profound gratitude to CERAC and it’s Founding President for the humanitarian gesture to the population of Mbam and Kim. She said they will no longer need to travel to the West Region or elsewhere for medical care. She also thanked CERAC for the agricultural tools, didactic materials, tailoring equipment that were also offered to different groups in the Division.  “We promise to make good use of the materials offered to us, Agnes Wamana underlined. The Mayor of Yoko Council, Dieudonne Annir noted, “the population of Yoko do not only now have access to quality healthcare but also the capacity to improve their production output. Thank you CERAC".
The representative of the First Lady said the long distance from Yaounde to Yoko: that is some 300kms, of which 192kms is on a bad state of road, could not deter CERAC ladies when it comes to rendering help to the most vulnerable. On behalf of the First Lady, Reine Felicite Beti Assomo thanked all those who contributed in ensuring that the event took place. Given that major road construction is taking place in the Mbam and Kim Division, which will henceforth ease access in and out of Yoko, Mrs Beti Assomo said CERAC has come to contribute in preparing the population to improve its economic output and to fight against poverty. “We have provided education, proper healthcare, improved production output, autonomy and feeding equilibrium to all sectors in the society. Make good use of the different gifts,” Reine Felicite Beti Assomo told the population.



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