Yaounde City Council : Counsellors Validate 2020 Administrative Account

It was during an Ordinary Board session of the Yaounde City Council last Friday August 6, 2021.

Board Members of the Yaounde City Council have met and validated the 2020 administrative account of the urban council. During the session attended by the Senior Divisional Officer of Mfoundi, Emmanuel Mariel Djikdent, it was also revealed that several projects are ongoing to refurbish and rehabilitate the town ahead of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations. 
During discussions, it was revealed that the initial budget of the City Council for 2020 was FCFA 35,631,146 billion, revenue collected stood at FCFA 20,861,906 billion, expenditure registered was FCFA 14,898,743,717 billion. There was surplus income of FCFA 5,962,382,189 billion. This surplus was mainly due to the late disbursement of government subvention to the functioning of Councils. The money has been redeployed as part of the revenue to the 2021 plan of actions for the City Council.  
The Mayor of the City Council, Luc Messi Atangana, used the session to reiterate that in spite of the fact that he has a busy daily schedule, his office remains open to any mayor or municipal counsellor who needs to see him.  Luc Messi Atangana announced the naming of some streets in the town as well as the putting in place of a medical scheme to care for municipal counsellors in Yaounde.  
The Senior Divisional Officer of Mfoundi, Emmanuel Mariel Djikdent told mayors that it was not enough to collect money from shop owners, but it was also important that they ensure hygiene and sanitation around these shops. He also told mayors to promote peace in their various municipalities and make sure nothing hinders hospitality and the spirit of living together. “Everybody should be a keeper of peace and report any suspected case of disorder”, Emmanuel Mariel Djikdent underlined. 
As far as the upcoming African Cup of Nations is concerned, mayors have the task to render the town of Yaounde clean, by ensuring that all neighbourhoods are neat. For 2021, the City Council has amongst other things refurbished roads, path ways, and public gardens in the town of Yaounde.



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