Fighting Road Accidents : Regional Governors Put At Forefront

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has given them firm instructions on ways of curbing the upsurge in the accidents.

The role of the administrative authorities in curbing the recent rise in the number of road accidents in Cameroon is becoming more and more preponderant. The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji in a press release signed on August 6, 2021 has given the Regional Governors firm instructions with regard to limiting the number of road accidents on the country’s highways.
Minister Atanga Nji’s instructions came following the bloody August 4 to 5, 2021 road accidents in which some 40 Cameroonians lost their lives and injured scores of persons who are undergoing treatment in health structures. The causes of the accidents are mostly blamed on the irresponsible behaviour of drivers who drive in the state of drunkenness, use excess speed, indulge in dangerous overtaking and overloading. He singled out 15-sitter, 30-sitter and 70-sitter public transport vehicles to be mostly involved in the accidents.  Greater blame also goes to sand-carrying 10-wheel trucks, timber carrying vehicles, heavy duty trucks and container transporting vehicles.
Henceforth, Regional Governors would take draconian measures in their respective areas of jurisdiction in order to limit the number of road accidents caused by the different types of vehicles. Sanctions provided for in the law will henceforth concern the irresponsible drivers and the proprietors of the concerned vehicles. In this connection, Governors have the mission to sensitise drivers of the heavy-duty vehicles and the proprietors of travel agencies on the necessity to use avenues the State has provided for rest in order to attenuate the state of tiredness of the drivers that is one of the causes of fatal road accidents. Violators of the law, will henceforth face the heavy hand of the law. Government and its partners, Minister Atanga Nji said, is already brainstorming on more constraining sanctions on vehicle   proprietors and drivers that endanger the lives of the population who board vehicles.
The accidents of last weekend are just a tip of the iceberg with regard to the rise in the number of road accidents in recent years. Government has taken several measures to curb the number of accidents by deploying law enforcement officers to the field within the framework of road safety campaign.  Awareness-creation campaigns are very often organised to train actors of the road sector. Cabinet ministers have also very often gone  to the field to assess cases of  accidents, condolences and compassion messages of the Head of State, Paul Biya delivered to the bereaved families and instructions on the treatment of injured persons given.  Despite all these efforts, it is difficult to say when the next fatal road accident will take place. In this focus some Regional Governors  state  their determination to curb the number of road accidents.



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