North West Elite Call For Resumption Of Schools

Communiqué by the North West Elite, Senators and Members of National Assembly reechoing their call for peace and resumption of schools in the North West and South West Regions.


  • “Mindful of the Head State’s New Year Message to the Nation on 31st December, 2016;
  • Mindful of his strong condemnation of all acts of violence regardless of their sources and their perpetrators and his resolve to draw conclusions from the ongoing enquiries on all the allegations of the recent violence carried out in the North West and South West Regions;
  • Considering his reassurances that “all voices that spoke have been heard and most of the substantive issues cannot be overlooked because of their pertinence” and his resolve to find lasting solutions to all the problems posed through peaceful dialogue;
  • Mindful of his appeal urging the various parties concerned to participate without any bias in the various discussions and engage in frank dialogue within the framework of the two Ad Hoc Committees created to look into the Anglophone teachers’ and lawyers’ grievances;
  • Considering the Head of State’s unwavering determination to continue the building of a united, inclusive and bilingual nation, embarked upon by all Cameroonians without exception, a legacy bequeathed by our founding fathers and national heroes;
  • Considering the Head of State’s reaffirmation that the Cameroonian experience is unique in Africa and can be perfected as we listen to each other and remain open to constructive ideas within the framework of the laws and regulations in force in our country;
  • Considering the announcement by the Head of State to go the extra mile and put in place a National Entity tasked with proposing solutions aimed at maintaining peace, consolidating our country’s unity and strengthening our resolve and our day-to-day experiences of LIVING TOGETHER;
  • Mindful of the Head of State’s strong resolve to ensure that all Cameroonians live in peace, unity and harmony in ONE united and INDIVISIBLE Nation, Cameroon.


We, the North West Elite, Senators and Members of the National Assembly, pursuant to our communiqué of 4th December 2016 hereby:

  1. Appeal for schools to reopen in the North West and South West Regions come January 9, 2017 and for peace and harmony to continue to reign in the two Regions;
  2.  Appeal to all teachers, teachers’ syndicates, school proprietors, parents, the civil society, politicians, traders, economic operators, taxi men, motorbike riders, students, pupils and all citizens of good will, to ensure that schools effectively resume in the North West and South West Regions to save our children the already jeopardized school year and hence ensure their future;
  3. Reiterate our total suppor...



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