Playing Grounds : Splendid Infrastructure to Host Competition

Douala Stadia are ready for AFCON 2021.

As the countdown for the 33rd edition of the African Nations Cup narrows, the different stakeholders have been burning the midnight candle to ensure that all is well. Sporting infrastructure in Douala that have been earmarked for the project are near completion. At Japoma, there lies a jewel planted to host matches for the AFCON 2021.
The different components of the Japoma stadium are set for the competition, be it the conference rooms, video surveillance room, parking lot,  main stadium and  training stadium are all set to host the African  football jamboree. The spaces also include dressing rooms for players as well as match officials; media centre fully furnished with desktop computers, large flat-screen television sets, and stable Internet network; separate rooms for interviews and other productions for radio and television; press conference rooms and coffee halls; and VIP lounges. Many toilets are found on every floor with staircases and lifts that link the floors. Every space in the stadium is fully air-conditioned, well-lit, and tidy.
The Reunification Stadium of also set for the competition. The 50-thousands seat arena, and the 50-years old edifice has become not only a football temple but a tourism destination. The array of seats in well-defined columns and rows presents a multi-colour display running 360-degrees of the inner-bowl, providing the right focus on the pitch below. The greenness of the turf maintains the right background for the sight, while the lines and colours on the race track highlight the contrast that embellishes spectacles. Away from the view of football fans, the splendour and abundance of the Reunification stadium overflows onto the outside. This is a section of the outer-bowl of the s...



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