Voters Registration : Time For 2021 Balance Sheet

The operation for the revision of the electoral registers for 2021 ends today, August 31, 2021.

Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) officials both at the central level and regional delegations are already compiling raw data with regard to the new voters who have enrolled their names in the electoral registers this year 2021. This is in view of the end of the operation of the revision of the electoral register today, August 31, 2021.
The Electoral Code in Section 74 states that, «Electoral registers shall be permanent. They shall be revised every year throughout the national territory. The annual revision of the electoral registers shall commence on 1 January and end on 31 August of every year». In respect of the above provision of the Electoral Code, potential voters who have not enrolled their names in the electoral register in preparation for future elections in Cameroon have up to this afternoon to register as the operation ends today.  From tomorrow, September 1, 2021 the Commissions charged with the revision of the electoral registers in each council will be preparing its report to forward to the Divisional Branches of ELECAM. Section 78 (1) of the Electoral Code states that, “The Chairperson of the Commission charged with the Revision of the Electoral Registers shall forward the report of the proceedings of the said Commission to the Divisional Branch of Elections Cameroon, no later than 5 September. All documents relating to deletion of names and modifications shall be appended to such report.” After all the other procedures must have been followed, the Director General of Elections will draw up and publish the national electoral register, no later than 30 December.
Before the official end of the revision operation, ELECAM officials had been compiling  almost monthly reports of the operation. Some like the Regional Delegate of ELECAM for the Centre, Michele Arlette Essi disclosed that the region had recorded over 30,000 new voters in 2021. Other ELECAM Regional Delegates in this focus have also given the balance sheets of the operation in their respective regions.
Despite the context of the revision of the electoral registers for this 2021 marked by the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic, other actors reportedly made frantic efforts to ensure the success of the operation. Many political party leaders were seen on the field mobilising and encouraging their members and supporters to get their names enrolled in the electoral registers as the best way of preparing for  future elections in the country.  Following the provisions of the Electoral Code, legalised political parties are supposed to send representatives to the Council Commissions charged with the Revision of Electoral Registers. The leaders of some political parties in this focus present their participation in the revision operation.  This is certainly not an electoral year but all the actors need to put hands on deck to ensure that potential voters register and get ready for any upcoming election.



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