Buea: Continuous Rains Heighten Demand For Umbrellas

Torrential rains have been hitting Buea since August 1, 2016.


Umbrellas are most-sought-for in Buea markets these days because of the heavy rains in the city. Since August 1, 2016, the rains have spared no day. Public opinion holds that the cause of the heavy rains is climate change affecting the world. The torrential rains have even raised fears if work on various stadiums would finish before the Female African Football competition due to take place in November this year. The rains, however, came late, but have taken their full intensity this August.

Following the change in weather, shop owners have also changed the look of their shops by adding goods that befit the times. Many business people have added pullovers, raincoats and umbrellas to their stocks. These items are sold on every street in Buea to enhance access by inhabitants. It is also intended to help inhabitants fully protect themselves against the rain, cold and also diseases that accompany the season such as cold.

In the Muea Central and Buea Town markets, which are the main markets in Buea, the number of people selling umbrellas and pullovers has increased. This is because the business has proven to be lucrative as residents cannot do without them. Many vendors go for cheaper Chinese umbrellas. Thus even with 500 FCFA, you one can get an umbrella in Buea.

Another commodity accompanying the umbrellas is pullovers. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours, to keep track with the day's fashion. This is because even with the cold temperature, people still prefer pullovers and umbrellas with beautiful colours. Vendors know this very well and so do everything possible to meet the taste of their customers so as to increase sales and profit.






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