Economic Growth : World Bank Promises Support

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on September13, 2021 had discussions with the World Bank Vice President for Western and Central Africa, Ousmane Diagana.

The World Bank Vice President for Western and Central Africa, Ousmane Diagana has hailed the quality and quantity of fruitful cooperation between the institution and Cameroon. He has also given assurance of the bank’s continuous support to sectors that boost economic growth and job creation.

The World Bank senior official spoke to the press in Yaounde on September 13, 2021 after discussions with Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute. He disclosed that, “We have a very strong partnership with Cameroons panning over a number of programmes. At the moment, 15 programmes are operational and at the end of my mission, there will be about 19.” Ousmane Diagana said that the programmes cover human, fiscal and natural capitals given the strengths of Cameroon’s economy.The World Bank and Cameroon, he further said, need to continue to develop human capital by supporting education and health.

During the earlier part of the visit, the World Bank’s official signed to finance two programmes in Cameroon amounting to over 3 BillionUS Dollars. The financing concerns diverse are as such as education, transport, infrastructure, energy, road and the acquisition of vaccines to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. He there fore discussed the importance of vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic with the Prime Minister. The World Bank, has mobilised funding for the vaccination programme in Cameroon and expressed the readiness to increase the funding by 30 million US Dollars.“Vaccination is essential, it is urgent,”Ousmane Diagana said. He high-lighted sectors like agriculture and energy in which Cameroon used to be the best. The World Bank is therefore ready to mobilise additional support so that the country can make maximum benefits from the sectors.



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