Felix Riwou: Public Office As Opportunity To Serve God - Faithfully

“Soil loue,” his first ever album in 24 years of singing, implores public servants to use their positions to glorify the Lord

The one complaint that keeps being raised about our society is the fast declining level of rectitude in the management of public affairs. Or rather, the virtual absence of it. It is evident that public good has over the years been relegated to the background. In place of personal concerns or self-interest - in the conduct of public affairs. Not surprisingly, the fear of God seems to have lost its worth in what people do and say. Nowadays. Be it in their private or official capacities.

It is this moral question that Felix Riwou seeks to address in his premier album, which is actually one song – a single. “Soit loue” in French means “Be thou praised.” “I chose the title because God deserves to be glorified by everyone,” explains the singer who has been doing music for 24 years, singing in choirs. He recently did a year and half stint in a school in Yaounde to “to read and write music.”   

“Public office holders, please serve sincerely and in honesty,” the song implores. “Because the Lord Almighty gives positions for their holders to serve Him,” it justifies. “Serve God with all our hearts by steering away from corruption and other societal ills,” the song continues. “Let everything you do bring glory to the Lord. Seek God’s face before taking any decision. And He will uplift you in your public office,” the singer promises.  

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