Pool A Interpools Limbe 2021 : Ngaoundere Clinches Opening Victory

The representatives of the Adamawa Region beat Les Brasseries Football Academy 2-1 in the opening match in Limbe on Saturday September 18, 2021.

Two cities Bafoussam and Limbe are hosting this year’s Interpools matches that will produce three teams to join the national elite league. Pool A matches began on 18 September, 2021, and to run for two weeks at the Omnisports Annex Stadium in Ngeme-Limbe. The teams, here, comprise of Les Amis Du Ngaoundere (Adamawa Region), Les Brasseries Du Cameroon Football Academy (Littoral Region), Kohi Maroua (Far North Region) and Lausanne Football Club of Yaounde (Centre Region).
Meanwhile, Bafoussam is accommodating Pools B and C teams from the six other Regions of Cameroon. The boys from Littoral with rather a favourable prognostic slumped in front of their peers from Ngaoundere in the opening match sending cool sweat running down the spines of their fans. The two teams regained their vestiaries at half time on a one all-tie. On resumption, at the 42nd minute, Yad Mathieu wearing shirt number 9 for Ngaoundere benefitted from a defensive mix up following a corner kick and slammed goal number two for his side. With just a few minutes left for the referee to sound the end of the match, Les Brasseries tried all they could to overturn the looming defeat to no avail.
The Technical Trainer for the Ngaoundere boys, Edwo’o Richard, expressed satisfaction with the performance of his boys at the close of the encounter while Coach Stephen Oben Ojong of Les Brasseries Football Academy remained hopeful for his boys. In the second encounter, Lausane Football Club representing the Centre Region beat Kohi Football Club of Maroua from the Far North Region by two spectacular goals to nothing. The first goal came in during the first segment of the match while the second came in the second half. “I think we did well today. So I am very happy,” said Coach Desmond Dingana of Lausane Football Club as Coach Aboukar Mahamat of Kohi Club blamed the failure of his side on the fact that most of their star players could not play having sustained injuries during previous matches. But he was upbeat Kohi can still make a difference before the end of the competition as they next play tomorrow, Tuesday, against Les Brasseries that equally lost their first match. The opening was witnessed by officials from the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT).



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