Path Already Covered

From the assessment of the Prime Minister, much has been done to resolve the crisis that erupted in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon late 2016.

On meeting a wide-range of personalities, groups and the general population in Buea since Tuesday and proceeding Wednesday to chair the second committee session to review field work on resolving the conflict as prescribed by the Major National Dialogue, the PM explained that much had been done to respond to the expectations of Anglophone discontent. To begin with, he cited the Major National Dialogue which in itself was a cornerstone to heal the wounds of the crisis. He reiterated having been sent by the Head of State, President Paul Biya, to remind his resoluteness to resolving the crisis.

From the Major National Dialogue, a Special Status was created for Anglophone Cameroon which embodies several golden opportunities for social, economic and cultural development. As a new offshoot of the Dialogue which also buttresses the State’s constitutional provision, the North West and South West Regions can today decide on their own many innovations on their educational system, chieftaincy protection and equally decide on which priority advancement projects to carry out in their Regions. The Regional Assemblies instituted early this year have come to add vigour to the achievements made so far and authorities are upbeat to firmly promise hey days from next year after their foundational work this year.

In their programme of development, many schools are expected to be constructed, equipped as well as epileptic electricity supply promises to be resolved locally in the Region. Water supply is equally in plan to the needy areas with full concern to sustain it. The South West and North West Regions have satisfied their reminiscence of olden day local parliament or assembly with outspoken debates, the House of Chiefs is back to protect their culture and moderate regulations from the House of Divisional Representatives.

To the Prime Minister, all requests made by discontented groups have been addressed except to allow the disunion of Cameroon.  Accompanied by cabinet members like Paul Tasong and Felix Mbayu and the Archbishop of Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, Andrew Nkea, the stage was set for in-depth explanations of the route covered to quell the grievances igniting the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions.



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