Social Media: Occultism Gaining Grounds Online

There are several accounts on different social media platforms proposing mystical means on how to be rich or get a love partner.

The practice of occultism and witchcraft is no more hidden as it was the case in the past where people secretly visited those in the domain. It might seem incongruous that occultism is flourishing in the digital age. Nevertheless, a search for ritual and unorthodox ways to a better life has proven fertile and it is finding a home on some of the internet’s biggest platforms. Today, the practice of occultism is fashionable and trending on social media. There are several social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube proposing supernatural means to perform a magic charm on a cheating husband, discern the future, make easy money or get a life partner.

The online occultists are many and are doing everything to attract followers as well as clients. They even have short advertising spots on different websites, which pop up from time to time. An individual does not need to be a follower of those promoting such practices online to be aware of their existence. On Instagram, 10 of the most popular witch or occult accounts have more than three million followers, with half of those added in recent years. Online statistics further reveal that on TikTok, videos with the hashtag #witchtok have ratchetted up more than 11 billion views-two billion more than #Biden.

With their glittery creations and dramatic spells, they offer a hint of the “sensual and aesthetic stimulation” that many people think they have been deprived of, in making their life better in whatever domain they wish.  Most of such accounts have captivating messages such as “go and subscribe to the powerful page which will help you become attractive for any man you want as well as power to conquer all.” Some of these accounts have mobile numbers through which interested customers can contact the occultist directly. These occultists do not only perform rituals or promise spiritual power to obtain a successful life, but have become major online spiritualists to whom many people are consulting for weird problems. A hairdresser openly consulted one of the online occultists with the hair of one of his customers as a requirement for him to get richer.

There is also the Kayanmata spiritual product. On the Facebook page of one of its promoters, she has clearly indicated, “Do you have a stingy hubby or boyfriend? Is your husband cheating on you? Is your business stagnant? I have the Kayamata solutions.”  These herbs act as sex enhancers or charms to get whatever you need even a partner. The products have been trending on social media as merchants openly advertise them and prove its efficacy. Kayamata, it is said, comes in different forms depending on its uses. Apart from Kayamata “sex sweetener”, there is also Kayamata for faithfulness and libido boosting. Kayamata favour and attraction potions also do exist. It is considered the most controversial because it involves black magic and the spiritual manipulation of a partner using potions. There is also kayamata, favour oil. In an audio conversation which circulated recently on social media, a lady was heard brandishing the efficacy of a set of kayamata materials including soap, waist chains, powder, eyeliners, perfumes, and other herbal concoctions which she said cost FCFA 90,000 for the whole set. The prices vary depending on the vendors and the efficiency of the product. Some people spend more than FCFA 250,000 to get Kayamata products. The struggle to live an easy luxurious life is real and dangerous.



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