Fight Against Accident : Monitoring Intelligence Device In Place

The Minister of Transport says the first phase to be carried out nationwide will last for one month.

The Minister of Transport, Ngalle Bibehe Jean Ernest Masséna has officially launched the pilot phase of the project for the Centralised/Management and Monitoring of Interurban Road Transport of Passengers in Cameroon. While launching the operation yesterday September 27, 2021, the Minister of Transport said it is an artificial intelligence-based innovation that controls the three accident factors; the road, vehicles and human beings, to prevent and effectively curb accidents in the country. The first phase of the project will last for one month and involves 100 inter-city buses.
Looking at the report on the causes of accidents in the country, Minister Ngalle Bibehe Jean Ernest Masséna lamented that most accidents are due to over speeding, the tired state of drivers due to alcohol or drugs, overloading, clandestine transportation and poor state of vehicles amongst others. With the system put in partnership with the CAMTRACK-MTNC consortium, a 24- hour monitoring room installed at the Ministry of Transport, will be able to monitor all those using the highway. Through the system, the Minister of Transport said they will be proactive to detect and avoid accident-prone attitudes along the highway. 
According to the Director of Land Transport at the Ministry of Transport, Divine Mbamome Nkendong, the device is a hybrid system that combines the human factor, the road infrastructure and the mechanical state of the vehicle into a one sensitive automatic management system that enables them to stop all accident-prone attitudes automatically. He explained that the intelligence system monitors all vehicles plying the highway nationwide with the aid of three surveillance cameras installed in the vehicle. Divine Mbamome said that the cameras control the interior of the vehicle; as such there will be no more overloading in public cars. The system will also check vehicles driving at excessive speed as well as poorly packed vehicles along the road, which most at times are obstacles which cause accidents.  The system will also permit authorities to control intelligently what a driver is doing when driving, his physical and physiological state. This is to curb actions that distract drivers. The system also has a mobile app, through which the public can connect with the Ministry of Transport and report any act which endangers road users. In case there is an accident, the system enables authorities to replay the video to be able to know the cause. 



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