Nso Festival: Ngonnso Showcases Rich Culture

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi closed weeklong cultural Jamboree last Monday in Kumbo.


It was colourful and rich in the fons palace in Kumbo- Bui Division on Monday 2nd January when the indigenes in and out of Bui thronged in to celebrate their culture. Almost all dressed in their traditional regalia; they cheered up and danced to the tunes of the different traditional rhythms and displays by the different masquerades or “jujus”. The Minister of Arts and Culture Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi could not hold back his joy when he heard the national anthem sang in the lamso dialect.

The Minister expressed his satisfaction to the rich culture of the Nso people. He equally paid tribute to some of the founding fathers of the Nso land and called on the people to uphold their culture as it is their identity. He saluted the peaceful cohabitation of different cultures in Nso land.

The Ngonnso festival under the theme “Culture and Reconciliation” was a rare moment for Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi to urge the Bui community to be peaceful and reconciled with others for the development of their community. He reminded them that in all circumstances, culture should serve as an incubator for national unity. While tracing the origin of the Ngonnso festival, the national president of the Nso Development and Cultural Association-NSODA, Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka said the festival was in its 7thedition and was out to promote the Nso culture.

He said their culture is unique and it was high time the people of Nso sell their culture to the world. He called on the custodians of the tradition to transmit the culture to the younger generation for posterity. Drawing inspiration from the theme “Culture and Reconciliation” Stephen Njodzeka noted they were out to bring peace in Nso Land. NSODA President also hoped that the Minister of Arts and Culture assists them in the achievement of a rich museum which is in the pipeline.



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