Vulgarising Fish Farming: 32,000 New Fingerlings In Fako Fishponds

The scientifically bred fish seeds will each gain at least five kilogrammes between three and six months. 


Traditional rulers of Fako Division have received a fish-seed donation from the General Manager of the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Dr. Noe Woin, to vulgarise and boost fish farming in the area. The gift of 32,000 fingerlings of carp, clarias and tilapia species was handed to them last 23 December, 2016, at IRAD Batoke near Limbe.  

The GM’s representative, Dr. Ehabe Eugene, ceremoniously handed the fish seeds to Fako Chiefs in the presence of Limbe II Divisional Officer, Ndouga Emerand, urging them to spread it to encourage fish farming in their respective localities.” Fish farming would save us the stress, energy and risk of going to the sea every time we need some fish for the family”, Molive Molungu of the Batoke village responded to the press after receiving the fingerlings.  

Dr. Kingsley Etchu, IRAD’s Scientific Coordinator for Animal Production and Fisheries, said the fingerlings, if well fed and treated, would mature between three and six months constituting wealth and source of pro...



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