Buea Unfortunate Incident : Gov’t Condemns Professional Drift By Media

Below is a statement from the Minister of Communication.

Following the unfortunate incident that occurred on Thursday, 14 October 2021 at about 8 a.m. at a place called Bokova in the town of Buea, South West Region, which claimed the life of a little girl, Caro Louise Ndialle, aged about five years, as well as gendarme Mvogo Rigobert, the government, through the Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defence, has provided preliminary information on the circumstances of this tragedy.
On the same occasion, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defence has expressed regret at the occurrence of this incident, after describing the reaction of the gendarme involved as inappropriate, unsuitable to the circumstance and obviously disproportionate to the irreverent behaviour of the driver.
The Minister of Defence has also announced the immediate opening of an investigation by the local administrative authorities and the Defence and Security Forces, in order to shed light on the exact circumstances of this incident that claimed two lives and establish the responsibilities thereof.
The announcement of this tragic event has obviously caused great pain and aroused deep emotion in the public, which has been magnified by the shocking images, abundantly relayed by social media.
This is therefore a notoriously serious and sensitive issue, which is exacerbated by the security situation in the region.
Faced with such a situation, it is unfortunate to observe that some media have deliberately chosen to fuel the flames, by ostentatiously distorting the facts, with the aim, no doubt, of provoking a popular uprising, or even social chaos.
The government of the Republic strongly condemns this professional drift which breaks the fundamental rules of the exercise of the profession of journalist, at the very moment when the whole world is celebrating the International Day of Universal Access to Information.
The government recalls in this regard that the role of the press is to inform the population usefully about the facts of public life. However, it must do so in full consideration of the strict truthfulness of the facts and of the social responsibility it has to safeguard public peace and tranquillity.
In this case, the Minister of Communication appeals to the prudence and cautiousness of media professionals in the treatment of information related to this regrettable news, so that the serenity necessary for the continuation of the ongoing investigations prevails. 

Yaounde, the 17 October 2021

(s) René Emmanuel SADI
The Minister of Communication
Government Spokesperson




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